With the invention of e-books, amazing opportunities arose. Along with the rise of the internet, many of the developed world--that is, those fortunate enough to own a modern connected device--now have access to a virtually unlimited collection of written works. However, the same people who most need these free resources cannot take advantage of them. This is why Project Hart was created. By providing free e-readers to all young people in need, we are working to eliminate the issue of accessibility. Through your generous contributions and e-reader donations, we will essentially provide each young person in need with his or her own personal digital library and a path to a brighter future.

We hope to cultivate an unlimited love of learning and literature in everyone.


Project Hart was founded by a group of current students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are also an official registered student organization on campus.

Jorian Heal

Founder and CEO

Christopher Piemonte

Chief Financial Officer

Clayton Locher

Chief Technology Officer

Paca Watanuki

Chief Communications Officer

Aravind Ramachandran

Chief Content Officer

Rachel Kinney

Art Director

Delaney Heal

Special Events Manager

Chris Haugen

Chief Development Officer, Treasurer

Anna Wheeler

Event Coordinator, Development Associate

May Poon

Public Relations Specialist

Jeremy Dembowski

User Experience Designer

Aneta Strama

Event Coordinator, Development Associate

Jessica Bai

Event Coordinator, Development Associate

Hannah Yattoni

Event Coordinator, Development Associate

Brianna Davis


Aradhana Singh

Financial Analyst